Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Patterns. Patterns exist everywhere, even in our seemly random decision we make everyday. Would you believe me if I told you I can predict what you would do next? What would you say? I’m nuts?

For me, I believe that there is actually a way to predict human behaviour. If we, in the near future, if we amass enough knowledge and information, we can sieve out snippets of patterns. Patterns are deeply ingrained in our lives. Humans are habitual creatures. We live in accordance to our habits and sometimes it is so ingrained in our mind that we don’t even discover it. Imagine if we were somehow able to construct and amass all the knowledge of the world up to the present age. Scientia potentia est ;  Knowledge is power. With this knowledge, possible for us to construct an algorithm that retrieve information and make logical patterns and analysis using them.

Think about the potentials and benefits if such a technology was to make feasible. Crimes, innocents deaths, potential catastrophe can all be avoided. We can create the perfect world.

But, and there is always the but, one may balked at the thought of playing god? Who is to say what is to happen in the future. Who are you to dictate it, to change it. You cannot delay the inevitable. You can prevent it now, delay its passing, but you can never stop it.

There is one famous quote that goes: History repeats itself. That quote in itself proves everything. Humans never cease to make the same mistake. What lead to ones falling was never heeded by another. Take for example the present financial crisis (writing it as of January 1, Year 2013 A.C). I can bet that after this crisis, there will be a period in which world leader will come out to express their apology and promise a whole lot of promises, only to accomplish little. Which president did not enter the office full of hope and changes, only to be taught the hard way and be lead by their noses by the current political nuances. More headstrong and daring ones (I applaud them for that) have striked out and manage to bring out some change. Other just live their lives to the best the can. Who isn’t the victim  of circumstances? Who is not forced into some sort of action by circumstances beyond their control? But the crux is that we change the outcome of circumstances. Have you ever thought about it? Everything, every nitty gritty detail in our life, every scene and every moment can be describe as some form of circumstances.


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